You Are Meant To Be A Climber

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For Christmas this year, my wonderful father in-law (Pete) and mother in-law (Bev) rented a house in Banner Elk, North Carolina. The trip was awesome and such a great time together with everyone. On the second day, I took the kids on a hike to see a waterfall on the mountain. The sign on the trail said that the waterfall would be a 0.7 mile journey. I had ages 9-15 with me and they were all very eager to start. We came to a fork in the road with no sign and decided to go to the right on the path. This turn took us on a long, steep, and grueling hike. Every time we finished a peak, there was another one waiting for us. Well, about 45 minutes later we came to the end of the path and there was no waterfall. Everyone was soaked in sweat, breathing hard, and exhausted. I vividly remember my 9 year old daughter Andie Kate saying, “This better be worth it”…. I felt the pressure and bit of embarrassment that good ole dad had basically got us lost. However, we reached the end and discovered a gorgeous view that looked like a painting from God. This scene was so beautiful, but not what we had expected at the end.

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So 2 days later, the competitive side of me, decided to go back and take a left at the fork in the road. I was so determined to find the waterfall and satisfy my hurt pride. I took the left and just knew that I would find my destination soon. However, this path was an even tougher terrain and had several dead ends. During several moments, I could hear water running  and just knew it would be around the next corner. Well, 1 1/2 hours later, I was soaked in sweat, breathing hard, exhausted, and standing in the same spot from 2 days earlier. The path had taken me to the exact same location! I was staring at the same beautiful view that I had witnessed with the kids. Again, I was embarrassed, but this time just by myself. I could already hear the comments from everyone when I got back to the house. I decided to sit there for a little while, rest, just think, and then pray. These eye opening thoughts came to mind….

  • So many times in life we are seeking an oasis, a sense of peace, or a waterfall to some degree. We think that this is what we are working so hard for or if we just got to a certain place, position, or time everything would be at ease in our lives.
  • However, truth be told, we are not meant to be in a constant state of rest, vacation, or relaxation.  We are not made to find the waterfalls, we are built to keep climbing.
  • We are built to accomplish great things and to have a greater perspective of our purpose. We will never get there if we seek a life of complacency. We tend to want to imagine our whole life in comfortable clothes, with a blanket, and in front of a warm fire.
  • No matter how hard we try to do it our way and fulfill our aspirations. God has a specific view for us that he wants us to see. We may think we know best, but our viewpoint is limited to the path. His view is from the mountain top. If we will just keep climbing it will be more beautiful than we could imagine.
  • If we have faith and do not give up, God will bring us back to him. Instead of seeking my own refuge, I just need to keep pursuing his purpose. If I would have quit, I would have never seen the beautiful mountain top view.
“I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?
 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2
On my way back down the mountain, I saw a sign that I had missed on both trips that would lead me to the waterfall. I contemplated whether or not I would go down another path just to see this site. I was worn out physically but felt like God was teaching me a lesson. I decided to go down another long narrow road through the woods and battle rock after rock. Once, I found water running, I knew I could not be that far away. One mile later, I had reached my destination and discovered the real value of this journey.
  • Trust The Climb… Yes, we tend to make our own plans and we tend to give up when it does not turn out exactly like we like. However, it may be hard, we may hit dead ends, we may make the wrong turns, we may need to seek guidance, but if we are obedient, and finish the race… It will turn out better than we ever expected.
  • My two trips up the mountain were not what I had imagined, but they both gave me the great confidence to take on one more path. Everything God puts in our lives is preparing us for the next window, mountain, or challenge. He uses one instance to help us gain confidence for the next. 
  • Not only did I see the same beautiful view twice.. He also granted me the waterfall… When you are tired, just catch your breath, and keep climbing….
  • Even if you miss the sign on where to turn, God can still use all situations for good if you seek him.
  • Live For Purpose… Don’t Be Afraid Of The Path… And Keep Your Eyes Up!

    “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” -Matthew 6:33



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