A Letter to the “Dedicated”

If you are reading this, then there is something that has sparked your interest. Either you are "Dedicated", think you are, or want to be.... Thank you in advance, and today I want to give you a little education. There is a difference between being committed and being dedicated. Commitment means we are meeting the … Continue reading A Letter to the “Dedicated”

Getting Back to “Why” You Started

The best have the ability to stay grounded in "Why" they started. Goals for people can change as people advance in their careers or on their team. However, the best have the capability to return or stay connected to their root. Everyone begins an activity, job, team, or hobby with some basic humanistic reason. They … Continue reading Getting Back to “Why” You Started

Horizontal Leadership

I am often asked "How can I be a better leader in my position?" or told "I want to go into leadership." First, we make leadership more complicated than it really is, and act like it is only for the privileged few. "Horizontal Leadership"sounds sophisticated, but basically means everyone leading across an organization. The most … Continue reading Horizontal Leadership

What We Have Everyday…. Choices

Every day we wake up, we are guaranteed one thing.... Choices No matter our background, circumstances, location, or mindset... We still have choices. Even if all of our freedoms have been stripped away, we still have the choice in what we think, believe, and hope for in the future. Viktor Frankl, the famed Holocaust Survivor … Continue reading What We Have Everyday…. Choices

You Are Made For What You Do

"What if my yardstick of life was not in what was accomplished, but I measured myself by my focus on doing what I’m called to do." I recently spent the weekend with Milt Travis, a basketball coach in Georgia who was being inducted into his school's Hall of Fame. Coach Travis has been a father … Continue reading You Are Made For What You Do

Get An Education

https://videopress.com/v/2A73oePE?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true We have 4 Key Standards in our Program: 1) Get An Education 2) Be A Coachable Player 3) Be A Great Teammate 4) Play For A Larger Purpose.... When we talk to any group, "Get An Education", is the first standard that is always discussed. Now, I know this sounds cliche, considering every coach … Continue reading Get An Education

You Are Born TO BE Special

If you are reading this, then half of the battle has already been won, because deep down you know this is true. These signs are displayed in various places in our football field house. "You are born to be special", has been a staple in our program for years. Consistent messaging is key in any … Continue reading You Are Born TO BE Special

C.O.R.E. Leadership: Take Control of Your Mindset

The C.O.R.E. Leadership Program stands for Competitive Ownership, Relationships, and Expectations. The purpose of this program is to develop student-athletes with high internal standards, competitive spirit, wholistic team leaders, and positive examples. This program is designed to recognize and reward competitive traits (give social value and status), provide leadership education, and development through personal, peer, … Continue reading C.O.R.E. Leadership: Take Control of Your Mindset

More Than Winning

Let's make this clear.... This article is not about minimizing the need to win. Winning on the field, in business, or in any area of life, is what helps create more value for ourselves. This is about looking beyond that given fact. A little over a year ago, I was riding home after experiencing a … Continue reading More Than Winning

What Is Discipline? The Process Today

Should I pick this cup up? What does it matter.... Someone else will get it... Right? The truth is that it does not matter if we are not bought into a set of standards, goals, or vision. The word "Discipline" is used often in sports. The trait a team or individual needs to be successful. … Continue reading What Is Discipline? The Process Today