“What an outstanding clinic.  The information presented and discussed allows us to take the “non-negotiables” of our program and systematically implement them in a way that develops the whole student-athlete.  It allows us to integrate the specifics into an effective program design.” -Jere Adcock/ Head Coach Decatur High School

“I am so grateful to Coach Winegarden for presenting the +10 Culture process to our staff at Pike Liberal Arts School. This is going to help us elevate our program and develop our student-athletes as leaders. If you are serious about whole-person development, regardless of what field you are in, this program is a must!” -Asst AD Brandon Matthews

“If you are interested in building a program that will last, this is the clinic for your school.” -Bruce Miller/ Flowery Branch High School

“Great job! I am looking forward to putting as much as possible to work at Brookwood. Next year, I would love to have more coaches attend.” -Thank you, Mike Bramblett/ Brookwood High School

“Tremendous professional development. $125 was a steal to come. This clinic will become the standard for leaders in the areas to holistically develop a program. Great Clinic!”-Ryan Hall/ Oakman High School 

“An absolute game changer! What an incredible clinic put on by Adam Winegarden. The organization, attention to detail, and structure was second to none. This clinic is a must for any coach. I have never learned more in a short time about program building and culture.” -Logan Colafrancesco/ John Carroll Catholic

“Best Clinic I’ve ever attended! Keep up the great work!” – Ron Steele/ John Carroll Catholic

“Outstanding clinic that provides coaches and athletic administrators with a blueprint to success!” Great job Coach- Kim Kiehl/ Pelham High School

“Coach Winegarden has created a systematic approach to operating a quality program that develops the whole player.” – Bart Lockhart/ Dora High School

“Coach Winegarden truly puts his purpose over his goals. It should be the goal of all coaches to be successful on and off the field, however we must keep our purpose as the primary driving force which is the creation of the whole person. The +10 Culture Clinic is an articulation if his beliefs into a structure unlike any other which will ultimately help all programs create champions for life!” -Bryan Moore/ Jasper High School

“Awesome clinic! The best two days a coach can spend thinking about how to improve their program. Got lots of great ideas that I know will help us improve our program.” -Lee Gibson/ Leeds High School

“As a young head coach, the information I got from the +10Culture is invaluable. I am excited to get back to work with my program and use many of the tools, knowledge, and resources from +10 to improve the experience my players will get from my program.” Thanks Adam, it was great! -Chris Smelley/ American Christian Academy

“I want to begin by saying this clinic was very impressive.  The information that was given was not only beneficial for coaches but for anyone who deals with coaches on a daily basis as myself.  I was able to take the concepts and convert them over to how I need to conduct my business dealings with my coaches.  I would highly suggest that any coach that is in charge of a sport attend the next clinic that you offer.  Being able to have group discussions was very helpful in hearing how other coaches run their programs.  Adam thanks again for having the insight to offer a program like this.” -Daryl Green/ Wagner’s Team Sports 

“So impressed with the structure and organization of this seminar. This stuff is great for any profession. Thank you Adam Winegarden for a great couple of days! Hope to come back again.” -Chris Mills/ Leeds High School

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It has really helped me to focus my thoughts and plans. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” -God Bless, Luke Laird/ Bear Creek Academy

“I enjoyed the clinic and learned a ton. I am a long way off from being a head coach but I believe its good to learn the things I learned now. I appreciate it.”