Joy from “Boys to Men”

As coaches, we are blessed to spend a small “Window of Time” with our Players. I know that sometimes it is hard to know if seeds you plant will ever take root. Wise Advice once told me that “Your Impact May Not Be Witnessed Until Years Later”. No matter your Level of Influence, your sport can provide an undeniable Lifelong Connection. We will always be “Coach” and he will be that “Young Kid” in the Locker Room trying to find His Way.

As Leaders we have individuals that will thrive immediately in our programs. We can tell early they have the It factor and will experience success if habits are sustained. There are young men that come in each day with a smile of excitement, hair sticking up, and the look of eagerness to learn their role. Then we also have the players that may receive the 100% Right speech. Meaning you are 100% in knowing they will say, “Coach, I am glad I listened” or years later say “Coach, I wish I would have listened.”  Regardless of the individual process, you are ready and willing to help them be successful far past the playing field. The journey or development of each individual is a tremendous honor and blessing.  However, there is no match for seeing them ready one day to take control of “The Huddle Of Life”. The once young player standing ready to be a Real Man gives you hope for the future and fuel for purpose. That moment gives hope that you had a small part of who he has become, and Complete Joy in the 3 simple words, “Thank You Coach“.

No Matter The Work Place Or Time, The Wait & Joy Is Worth It

Your Connection Is No Accident

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9

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