4 Jobs of a Player… Part I

Will be doing a 4 Part Mini-Series on the 4 Jobs of a Player in our Program... 1) Get an Education 2) Be Coachable 3) Be a Great Teammate 4) Play for a Larger Purpose Check out Part I on how a player that is dependable in the classroom is also dependable and consistent on … Continue reading 4 Jobs of a Player… Part I

“Put On Your Oxygen Mask First”

"In case of emergency, a mask will drop from a container in the airplane ceiling. The mask, which looks like a yellow plastic cup, fits over your nose and mouth. An elastic strap goes around the back of your head, and the ends can be tugged to tighten the fit. Pull on the hose gently … Continue reading “Put On Your Oxygen Mask First”

Choose Your Mug Wisely

Man I love my coffee! Nothing like waking up and pouring that perfect cup to start the day. Following this "Cup of Joe" with great conversation can be the highlight of the morning. This can fill me with goodness and a sense of joy for hours. I am conditioned to fix my coffee the exact … Continue reading Choose Your Mug Wisely

Light in the “Fuse Box”

I talk weekly with a lifelong friend in Coach Mike Duffie. I became really close to Mike while he was our Head Basketball Coach in my first coaching job. He has been a true friend and one that is a brother in my life. I talk with Mike nearly every week and many times more … Continue reading Light in the “Fuse Box”

Turkey Bowl “The Rematch”

Last Thanksgiving, we published an article about our family's Thanksgiving Day Football Game. Otherwise known as the "Turkey Bowl", which has been going on for the past 16 years (unofficial records)........ The time of year when player personnel is drafted in a very unfair way only to give one (MY) team complete advantage. Everyone is … Continue reading Turkey Bowl “The Rematch”

“Hubcap From Heaven”

Recently, I was able to spend a weekend with a man who has been a "father figure" in my life. His name is Milt Travis, he lives in Rome, Georgia and is a legendary high school basketball coach. I lived in Rome from fourth to eighth grade (1988-1992) and became childhood friends with Coach Travis' … Continue reading “Hubcap From Heaven”

“Living The Journey” Part II

Well, we are in our bye week and time to finish “Living the Journey.” Recapping “Part I” of this series, we discussed how the season is a journey and one that can relate to us regardless of our circumstance or profession. As one of my great friends always says, “Sports is just a way for … Continue reading “Living The Journey” Part II

“Living The Journey” Part I

Well, it is that time of year again and football is about to begin! The season is always such a journey and one that can also relate to us regardless of our circumstance or profession. As one of my great friends always says, “Sports is just a way for us to practice life before we … Continue reading “Living The Journey” Part I

“The 1st Season” Is Now A Book!

You can now purchase the "The 1st Season" of Lessons From The Goalpost! What a great gift and resource for yourself, friend, family member, or co-worker. Enjoy 30 different messages in this 148 page book for encouragement in faith, purpose, relationships, and leadership. We hope that the book will not only help you grow but give … Continue reading “The 1st Season” Is Now A Book!

Game Day Flags

If you have been around our program on the day of a game, you will see "Game Day Flags" flying around campus and town. This tradition started a few years ago when I was coaching for the Fairhope Pirates. I had spoken with an alumnus that mentioned in his playing days, "Skull and Cross-bone Flags" … Continue reading Game Day Flags