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You can now purchase the +10 Culture Manual on “Total Program Development”. This manual is an incredible resource for Athletic Directors, Head Coaches, or aspiring Head Coaches of any sport’s program. We want to give you a process of streamlining your mission to maximize resources, connect all involved, and develop the “whole player”. This will help give an intentional mindset to increase the value of all Stakeholders and the 7 Areas of an Athletic Program. Our coaching journey has placed us in several different school settings. We have learned that each program has different resources, factors, and circumstances. This method is about maximizing who you are, your available resources, and your current program. No matter the situation, the “+10 Culture” method has provided an operation of reaching goals, continual improvement, and a rewarding experience. We will also provide many great ideas and key points in all areas of an athletic program. Whether you are in a department or team setting, this process will maximize your impact, influence, and leadership!

+10 Culture Manuals are $39.99

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