Interstate to Success

  "Dad, are we there yet??" If you are a parent, then you know what this question means. You can imagine the long trip and how many times the kids will ask this question. In your mind, you can ride all day without stopping, but you know there will be many stops along the way. … Continue reading Interstate to Success

Running Downhill Against The Wind

My normal running track is from my house to an elementary school that is 1.6 miles away. A 5K race is 3.2 miles, so down and back gives me a natural running course. I usually run this track once or twice a week ,but lately with the COVID-19 shutdown, it has been every other day. … Continue reading Running Downhill Against The Wind

We Got This

This Lesson Is Written By Coach Milt Travis: Football was a sport that I had always liked but was too big to play in the local Pop Warner League. The option was to play on the junior high seventh and eighth grade team as a sixth grader. I had the size but I was scared and shy. … Continue reading We Got This

The Great Teammate

This Lesson Is Written By Coach Milt Travis: Much is written about being a teammate and much more about being a great leader. The best in both are servant minded. Years ago I met a young man in my basketball program who became a great teammate, a leader, and a soldier. Dewey didn’t have much, … Continue reading The Great Teammate

Pray, Play, & Enjoy The Present

We just finished signing day a few weeks ago. This day always reminds me of an important lesson and reminder. Every year, my hope is that players have maximized their experience in our program and gained values through football. Some will go play college football, just be a student, join the military, or go into … Continue reading Pray, Play, & Enjoy The Present

Whole Player Development: Program Overview

  "Whole Player Development" starts with an intentional plan within your organization. We must understand our Mission, Goal, People, and Program Areas to fully maximize development and experience. Please check out the video as we walk you through an overview of the program structure. This process is broken down into 3 main areas... Purpose, People, … Continue reading Whole Player Development: Program Overview

Seeking Purpose With A Helmet Cam

“Where there is no vision the people will perish.” -Proverbs 29:18 Most often when we hear this verse, we apply this only to a leadership principle. Although this maybe true, I believe it has a more direct connection to each of our personal journeys.  The fact that we do not need to give up on … Continue reading Seeking Purpose With A Helmet Cam

Aligning Athletic, Academic, & Character Development

We all have the ability to plan for our players year round in an athletic development sense. We are going to discuss how to have this same mindset in academic and character development.   

Burn The Ships

When Cortes arrived in the new world he had many people that were in doubt or fear of what was ahead. So he decided to have his ships burned and sunk. This decision gave his men no choice but to focus on the mission and the new conquest. When I think of this choice, I … Continue reading Burn The Ships

4 Jobs of a Player… Part V

Welcome back to an Extra Episode to the 4 Part Mini-Series on the 4 Jobs of a Player in our Program... To Recap.... 1) Get an Education: How your mindset in the classroom will effect your consistent on field performance 2) Be Coachable: How trust and a teachable spirit are key to consistent improvement and success 3) Be a … Continue reading 4 Jobs of a Player… Part V