Our Shadow Can Remind Us

Running is something that I have grown to enjoy over time. I hated to run when I was young, by playing different sports, running always seemed like punishment more than anything. Now it has become a time to get my thoughts clear, listen to a podcast, and relieve stress. During the season, I run before every practice and game day, it has become a part of my normal routine. However, I am self-conscious of my appearance when cars or people pass by. I will think to myself, “I probably look like I am about to die out here” or “They think I am really struggling.” Honestly the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. One thing I have learned over time, is that you have a natural mirror on the road to help out. If the sun is in the right direction, you can see your shadow right beside you. You can then naturally see your running form and look for any corrections. The other day, I was listening to a podcast on seeing the blessings in adversity. For me personally, the only true source I can rely on in adversity is the Lord. I believe God uses the people in your life as a shield and to help you in hard times. However, you have to completely rely on him and not on man. Life is a long series of peaks and valleys; I do not know how anyone can navigate it without him. As I turned a corner, I noticed my shadow right beside me and some thoughts on this topic came to my mind. No matter where we place our problems, God is still with us if we will recognize him. No matter where the Sun is, our Shadow still remains:

  • When you place your problems in front of you, God is behind you telling you “Do not fear, do not retreat, I got your back.”
  • When you place your problems behind you, God is out front leading you because he has something next in his plan.
  • When you are in the midst of your problems and they are right beside you. He is right beside you as well. If you will look to him, he will guide you, he will show you the corrections you need to make. He will remind you that you are not alone. Follow his steps.

“For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” -Isaiah 41:13

4 thoughts on “Our Shadow Can Remind Us

  1. Excellent Adam… love all your post but esp this one. Hope you and your sweet family are well and hope to see y’all in Fairhope soon! Merry Christmas! Doug

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