4 Jobs of a Player… Part III

Welcome back to the 4 Part Mini-Series on the 4 Jobs of a Player in our Program…
1) Get an Education

2) Be Coachable

3) Be a Great Teammate

4) Play for a Larger Purpose

We have talked about the 1st Job, which is to “Get an Education.” How your mindset in the classroom will effect your consistent on field performance. In Part II, we discussed the 2nd Job, which is to “Be Coachable.” How trust and a teachable spirit are key to consistent improvement and success in our program. Now we are going explore the 3rd Job which is to “Be a Great Teammate.” How this is the most controllable factor that will bring the greatest impact. Understanding that how you make others feel, will be remembered long before any accolades or awards. Watch and Enjoy!


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