“Put On Your Oxygen Mask First”

"In case of emergency, a mask will drop from a container in the airplane ceiling. The mask, which looks like a yellow plastic cup, fits over your nose and mouth. An elastic strap goes around the back of your head, and the ends can be tugged to tighten the fit. Pull on the hose gently … Continue reading “Put On Your Oxygen Mask First”

Choose Your Mug Wisely

Man I love my coffee! Nothing like waking up and pouring that perfect cup to start the day. Following this "Cup of Joe" with great conversation can be the highlight of the morning. This can fill me with goodness and a sense of joy for hours. I am conditioned to fix my coffee the exact … Continue reading Choose Your Mug Wisely

Light in the “Fuse Box”

I talk weekly with a lifelong friend in Coach Mike Duffie. I became really close to Mike while he was our Head Basketball Coach in my first coaching job. He has been a true friend and one that is a brother in my life. I talk with Mike nearly every week and many times more … Continue reading Light in the “Fuse Box”