The “Energy Source”

IMG_2945It is the summer in the south and this time of year always has some specific characteristics. The presence of intense heat, thickness of humidity, a sweating glass of ice water, the sweet smell of honeysuckles, catching fireflies in a mason jar, and the feeling of gratitude for a cool breeze. This would all sound good in the latest hit country song, but another prevalent fact is the presence of mosquitos, gnats, and flies. The frustration builds in the intense heat with nagging bites and the waving off of these pests. The insects are in full effect and recently forced me to buy an outdoor bug zapper. I was so fired up when I got home to put this baby to work. However I was quickly annoyed when noticing that I had failed to buy the batteries needed for the pest eliminator. So I hopped back in the car to go buy the required item for operation. I ran to Walmart, made the purchase, and then noticed a very unique parallel on the package promotion.  I probably would have never noticed this message if I had not overlooked them from the start. The question of what drives us, what is our main power, and how do we discover this source all came to mind. There were 3 distinct messages that promoted this thought process in High Energy, Long Lasting Guaranteed, and Ideal For….

High Energy… It is non-negotiable that energy and passion must be brought on a consistent basis to be successful in life.  This power source is ultimately driven by either an external or internal motivation. The first question we must answer is, “What drives me?” Is it something external or internal? External meaning that it relates to affirmation, acceptance, rewards, finances, fear, or fame. Internal meaning that it relates to a larger purpose in your faith, family, friends, purpose, or dreams. No matter the marketing strategy, batteries will eventually be replaced. External motivation works much the same and will be replaceable no matter what the world tells us. If we always count on external factors then we will eventually run out of energy and be left with another void to fill.

Internal motivation has a rechargeable capability that gives one consistent drive for a great purpose. External motivation is typically all about oneself while internal motivation is about others or life impact. What is it that drives you? We challenge our players to “Play for a Larger Purpose”, meaning each individual needs to play for something greater than self. This can found in a player’s faith, family, friends, teammates, love of the game, goals, or dreams. Football is a team game, so focusing on others should to be a habit and not an exception. Although affirmation, rewards, or acceptance provides short term drive and value, they are ultimately unfulfilling over the long haul. Do you need to plug in an outside energy source for constant motivation? Your driving force needs to be rechargeable not replaceable. Finding internal purpose brings high energy for the long lasting guarantee…

Long Lasting Guaranteed… As a program we incorporate many things that create a fun and exciting environment but are ultimately trying to help foster internally motivated players for a great purpose. When you are plugged into purpose, the energy seems to be overflowing and never-ending. You feel energy you have never felt before and want to go the extra mile beyond any requirement. The word “work” begins to take on a whole new meaning while the feeling of success is helpful but ultimately not the driving force. I have learned that life is too short to do something that drains you physically and emotionally. We are built for a special purpose to be driven physically and empowered emotionally for great impact.

Personally my motivation is my faith, drive to leave a legacy for my family, and to use my profession for the greater good. I hope and pray to create an impactful cycle that lasts long after I am gone. Over my career, I have also struggled with the balance of working to advance professionally and the pursuit to leave an advancing legacy. I have learned that when I am chasing professional success, it may provide short term value but does not leave long-lasting fulfillment. When I am focusing on faith and legacy, then I have greater fulfillment and professional success follows its course. I know how true it is for someone to smile on the outside but feel empty on the inside while searching for purpose. I also know the joy and value you experience when living out your purpose everyday. Again, finding internal purpose not only brings high energy but has the long lasting guarantee…

Ideal For… I love this line on the package, certain batteries will only operate specific items. Just like your purpose or driving force is specifically and specially made just for you. Depending on our stage in life it is important that we recognize, rediscover, or rekindle our purpose on a consistent basis. Remember that internal motivation is rechargeable and will need it from time to time. We are all on a journey that is uniquely or Ideally shaping us for something special and influential. This process is key for us to keep the faith, to keep climbing, and to not give up. In my experience when our mission is pursued wholeheartedly then our success soon follows.

In our “+10 Culture Seminar”, we lead and encourage participants to discover their “Why” and create a mission statement that drives the organization. We make it clear that the mission statement must match the heart and soul of the leader. The leader’s vision must be reflected in every area of the program. The process to recognize, rediscover, or rekindle needs some questions that lead to the heart. We use several questions that help lead the “Why” discussion such as:

  1. Why did you first start?
  2. How did sports affect or influence you?
  3. What gives you the most fulfillment or passion?
  4. Why do you still coach?
  5. Who had the most impact on you and why?
  6. Why do you have your coaching style?
  7. How would you coach you?
  8. What would you not compromise?
  9. How do you want to be described 10 years from now?
  10. What are the values a player obtains while in your program?

Once we complete this interactive process with the coaches, it helps lead them to creating a mission statement that drives them daily in all facets. We encourage them to make their driving force statement memorable (2-5 sentences), concise, and have a direct reflection of their “Why.” Again, to have long lasting high energy it must be something that can be truly lived out on a consistent basis.  We encourage them to answer key questions to create sentences that connects their purpose with their daily mission:

  1. What is our purpose?
  2. What is our process?
  3. Describe our environment?
  4. Describe our people?
  5. Describe our visualized end impact or product?

In my professional life we have a mission statement that drives all decisions but in my heart I have a purpose that drives me for something greater. What statement drives your organization or you professionally and what internally lights you on fire for impact? In order for us to have consistent success we have to bring high energy, to maintain this passion we have to be internally motivated, and to be internally motivated we must understand our why, purpose, or driving force.  Never give up and always understand your influence is needed and people are waiting for your energy source. Recognize what drives you, understand your purpose is long lasting, and it is ideally made just for you. So the next time you pick up some batteries remind yourself that it is time to recharge, to keep fighting the good fight, and impact the world for the greater good.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

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