One Drop at a Time


We had just finished doing our Tuesday Morning Agility Circuit and had called up the team for a morning message. The theme being emphasized was that “We Are All Difference Makers.” In sports, coaches always say that teams are either getting better or worse each day. This can also be true in the difference we make for each other and in life. Every team is going to be player led to some degree, and that can be positive or negative. Players will spend more time with each other than any other group. The message they speak to each other needs to be consistent, positive, and with purpose. We also defined the word “intentional”… which basically means to do something on purpose. We discussed the need to be intentional about being a positive difference with each other.  That being a source of encouragement is a habit of choices… This consistent habit doesn’t always come natural and we each need a daily process that promotes encouragement and accountability.  About that time it started to sprinkle and drops slowly began to add up on our shirts and faces. The grass quickly became wet and puddles began to form. As I watched drop after drop land it led to some key points and final thoughts…

Encouragement happens one drop at a time… We do not need a whole bucket to pour into others. Many times we may think we have to be a whole new person, have specific resources/circumstances, or do something noticeable to be a source of positive influence. This mindset is the farthest from the truth and we do not have to do anything big to make a difference. We can all pour into each other one drop at a time. One random act of kindness… one phone call, one text message, one pat on the back, one hello, one encouraging word, or one “How are you doing today?” In many of our lives, one drop is all we need, one small source of encouragement that fuels us with value.

Encouragement is a habit… We cannot put a value on getting a random and genuine source of encouragement. When I drive home or to work, I like to call people in my life that I do not see normally anymore. Check on how they are doing, reconnect, or let them know I care for them. This process helps prioritize this important habit in my life. I enjoy these moments because I know how much it means to me when I receive a call or message. Ask Yourself: What is something a person did for me that made me feel valued?  Whatever the answer, take that and make it an intentional habit to bless someone. I also promise that encouraging others will be a blessing to you as well as the receiver. You will be amazed at how good it will make you feel. Some of the best medicine we can have for ourselves is to help others while expecting nothing in return. Each of us face life struggle and we need to remind ourselves that we are all in the same boat. The rain shower happens consistently drop after drop. Habits start with a reminder, become a routine, and then a reward. We all have the ability for a positive influence, have a process that develops a habit of encouragement. Just remember that the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

Encouragement adds up… Each drop reminds me of what makes a drop… Water is a polar molecule and is also known as the “Sticky Molecule.” Polar meaning each molecule has a positive and negative end. “Sticky” meaning each drop is like a magnet attracting to each other. This is why we see puddles forming on the sidewalk as we come in from practice. Teams or groups of people will be led positively or negatively. The saying that “misery loves company” is just as true as how positive people prefer each other. The more we pour into each other, the more we will stick together. If we want to have the right puddle, then we need to have a consistent message coming from the group. All life needs water, the greater the amount, the greater opportunity for growth. A drop by itself will also evaporate quickly so let us all be a shower of positive energy.

“You do not need a bucket to pour into others. Encouragement is a habit… Just one drop at a time.. Who needs a thank you, appreciate you, or pat on the back today? It all adds up… Be a Difference Maker!”

2 thoughts on “One Drop at a Time

  1. This is one of your best articles Coach. I don’t think anyone could have explained these principles any better. I too am encouraged with the content of this article, to reach out and to be a difference maker, using the skill of encouragement.

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