“The Jersey Reveal”

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Man… I love seeing a program surprise get our players excited! I love seeing a plan unfold that brings joy and positive energy!! Whether it is going bowling, ice cream, team tournaments, or even a chicken wing contest. The team’s reaction gives everyone fuel to serve at a higher level. These team moments give a Christmas feeling through out the course of the year. The process of each event is like hiding that special present from your spouse or child for days upon days. Doing something special gives others a feeling of pride, value, and motivation. Setting up these events is an intentional way to encourage a positive environment, foster relationships, and motivate the team’s performance. Creating genuine opportunities to connect players is crucial for overall team development. I am a firm believer that team fellowship has a direct correlation with team performance. Teams that enjoy each other will play for the greater purpose of each other. These planned functions are fun and exciting but are actually just external motivators. The ultimate goal is to have an atmosphere that guides an internally motivated and player led team. Out of all these moments, it seems that the biggest hit surprise is a new jersey or uniform. Players love new gear and also live by the adage, “If you look good then you play good.” Our appearance can have a unique ability to give great confidence, my daughter even says, “I am a lot nicer if I like my outfit.” Revealing a new jersey seems to always gets the blood pumping for upcoming competition. What your team wears also markets the program more than any other item. However, the real reason of a Jersey Reveal is to Reveal Our Very Best. I love how the jersey is an analogy and lesson to the internal motivation we seek in the process. When the players first lay eyes on the new cloth, they always notice 3 specific characteristics that reflect this process: the Jersey Name, Jersey Style, and Jersey Number…

  • Jersey Name: The hopes that external motivation leads to a greater internal motivation… To foster a positive environment that makes them feel valued and a part of something bigger than themselves.. To play for their teammates, coaches, supporters, and the program name stitched on the front… To be focused and driven daily by a common goal. Our team wants to form the tip of the spear and not arrows shot in different directions. Just like in our lives we need be motivated by our faith, family, friends, or purpose. We need to know who we, know what we believe in, and lean on those that represent our common name. Purpose gives an individual direction and a consistent mindset that is sustainable. We are always living and  playing for the name…. We are always protecting our personal and team credibility… Players can’t consistently perform off of outside things or events to fuel them… Wear the Jersey for Purpose..
  • Jersey Style: Our wide receiver coach Brandon Johnson says, “The events are the motivation but the style of discipline we instill in them daily is what will sustain them to the end.” I have learned that the style of jersey brings the greatest excitement during a uniform reveal. New gear gives some juice for the short term but you can’t present something new for every game. The uniform also just covers what is on the inside and what is inside always comes out in adversity. When the excitement settles down, the game is on the line, and it is time to execute… What will determine our action? A mindset of false enthusiasm will occur without an intentional process of training a total team mindset. Our team’s style of play is ultimately determined by our daily habits of discipline and a commitment to excellence.  Habits in one area of life will eventually carry over to other areas of life. Excellence, mediocrity, and poor choices are each powerfully contagious. Our desired style of play will match the habits we display in all areas on a consistent basis. Choosing to seek excellence in preparation, practice, academics, relationships, and in the community is paramount. We hope to reveal their best by creating a lifestyle of excellence. We want to plant seeds and be the water that pours into them daily. Wear the Jersey for a Lifestyle of Excellence
  • Jersey Number: The font and number… What type and how many relationships do we have in our lives. Choices of relationships will tie our purpose and lifestyle together. Our people will provide the encouragement, example, and influence toward a positive or negative life. Surround yourself with those with a purpose and lifestyle that matches your mission. Our credibility is also on the line, so understand that if these people do not exist then it is okay to stand alone. So why again are team events so important? They create an opportunity to foster likeminded relationships toward a common goal. We want an environment that sharpens iron and encourages internal motivation for fellowship with teammates. Great teams play for each other, take care of each other, push each other, hold each other accountable, are available for each other, and reveal the best in each other. Our greater purpose will affect our choices, habits, and involvement with people either directly or indirectly. It is a proven fact that one performs at a higher level when competing for others. We believe that everyone that positively connects with our program adds fuel to our performance. We each seek the feeling of value and positive difference that genuine relationships provide in our daily lives. Wear the Jersey for Impactful Relationships 

We each have a life jersey, something we wear everyday… something that pushes us… This maybe your faith, family, friends, goals, or purpose..  We each need these jerseys in our lives, but we also need the habits and people that match our mission. People will remember our jersey name, jersey style, and jersey number. Let yours be one that motivates people for good through your example, encouragement, and influence. Whatever Jersey you put on each day, let your best be revealed in your Purpose, Lifestyle, and Relationships.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9


2014 Jersey Reveal After Team Movie: “When The Game Stands Tall”

2 thoughts on ““The Jersey Reveal”

  1. This is a great teaching. The thoughts you share remind me to stay focused in all my efforts, with a spirit of excellence.

    Thank you Coach



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