“Every Piece Matters”

Last summer during our C.O.R.E. Leadership Trip, we initiated a new Ice Breaker Exercise during Step 3  (Accepting a Team Role). We had 3 puzzles made that displayed a picture of our team celebrating a big win. Across the top of the puzzle were the words “Every Piece Matters.” We then split the players into 3 groups and had them compete in a race to finish the puzzle. The winner would receive a box of Starburst and Skittles to split amongst each other.  The catch was that each group would be missing 2 pieces. A coach would secretly have them in possession. As the groups neared the finish, they noticed that the final pieces were not present. Players began asking the coaches for help with this issue. The coaches then revealed the secret but required answers to team questions to recieve the pieces.  Once the first group finished, we stopped everyone else in the process. We then gathered all of the players, awarded the winners, and discussed these key points.

  • There is a final vision and picture of this team. When you start the puzzle, you can’t see the end unless you look at the box. We have to set a vision of this team and have faith in our pursuit together.
  • When you started it seemed like a jumbled mess and a little overwhelming. Sort of like the beginning of the season with so many unknowns. This feeling does not subside unless we take steps everyday.
  • Each piece also started as a square and then was uniquely cut to fit in the puzzle. Just like each one of you are developing and have a unique fit on this team.
  • The puzzle will not be complete without your unique piece. Understand that each are valued and has a place in the greater team vision.
  • Some pieces fit quickly, just like some of you already know your role. Some players may require more time and you may get frustrated. Just keep working, I promise there is a place in the picture. Do not give up….
  • You experienced a sense of frustration when you were missing the final pieces. The same frustration experienced when someone will not accept their role or buy in to the team.. The program is about developing everyone, we do not want anyone left out.
  • For the group to complete the puzzle, they had to ask their coaches for help. Understand that we are in this together and that you will have to accept our help in many situations.
  • For this team to be complete, we will each have to work for the greater picture and not the individual piece.
  • Finally, the feeling of pride you experienced when finished and looking at the completed puzzle. The same way you will look back years from now with pride in what you have done together.

This is one of the many awesome team activities we do on this trip.  However, this is one activity that we can each relate to our own lives. The journey of working toward a greater purpose and completing life’s puzzle. The same exercise can be applied to each of us with these key points.

  • We each have a great purpose in our lives. We each need a vision for direction and faith in the pursuit.
  • We can feel like a jumbled mess and overwhelmed with so many unknowns. Regardless, we have to start taking steps in the right direction.
  • We may also feel that our life is in pieces. This doesn’t mean the picture is gone, it just means it is time to fit the pieces together.
  • Each piece is uniquely cut, just like each situation in your life is different. However each situation is uniquely building and shaping us for something greater. Have faith….
  • Our puzzle will not be complete without looking at each situation as a part of our growth process. We can become very frustrated and have a negative outlook. Do not give up…
  • There can be pieces missing in our lives. Understand we cannot do this alone and why we are built to have relationships. People are in your life for a reason. Seek guidance and surround yourself with good people. None of us can be successful without others in our lives.
  • Working for a greater purpose will help keep perspective on issues with individual pieces. Do not lose sight of the greater vision over a few life circumstances.
  • Finally, the feeling of pride you will experience when looking back at your journey. Knowing you did not give up and kept working for the belief in your heart. Remember the victory is found in the pursuit.

Visualize and set a beautiful picture of what you want to accomplish. Never forget that you are born for special things.  Keep taking steps, keep battling, and do not give up. You will leave a picture for all to see and a legacy to impact for years to come!!

If You Can See It, Then You Can Hold It In Your Hand!!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


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