Remember The Name

Today is National Signing Day 2K19… What an exciting time for so many student-athletes across the country. A new opportunity and window of life just ready to be seized. An opportunity to be celebrated not just by the student-athlete but by everyone that has influenced this young person. Always remember it “Takes A Village” for anyone to be successful. This will also not just be their “One Day” but beginning of a “New Day One.” This day is not just a challenge to those signing scholarships but to each and everyone of us. Everyday we each have an opportunity to succeed, dream big, and have an impact on those in our lives.  We each have people that have shaped our lives and given guidance along the way.  Each day we are signing up for 24 hours to seize the moment and be a difference maker. We each can make a choice to have a “New Day One.” You are born to be special and have great value for this world. So today, when names are signed on that dotted line… Remember, your name means something… It represents everyone in your life… It represents your future… It represents your legacy… It represents someone that can make a positive impact… What will people say when they hear your name… As you walk into this next window of life or start new today…

Make Them Remember The Name!


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