The Year of “Finish The Drill”

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalms 37:4

Closing out this year one of my favorite memories was a July afternoon over seas in Reutlingen, Germany. I was blessed with an opportunity to travel and spread our passion for this great game. The scene was so beautiful that only a well versed poem could give a proper description. Coaching football as the sun set seemingly placed us all in a “Field of Dreams.” Their passion that day taught me that no matter where you are from, common purpose can bring people together for good. Just before dark as practice closed, I was allowed an opportunity to address the “Eagles” and give them a small gift….  Check out the video and turn up the volume….

Today this is a great reminder for us to not only be our best in all we do but in all we do for others.  As I said in the video, “FINISH THE DRILL” is a phrase that is used in our football program. We preach to finish with the same mental and physical focus that begins on day one of the season. To maintain this mindset we need reminders to seek excellence in all areas of life on a daily basis….. We talk about how inconsistencies and complacency will eventually show in a lapse of preparation and on-field performance. Dreams do not come true without taking the right steps on a 24/7 basis. Great accomplishment and performance is ultimately a reflection of a consistent pursuit of excellence. A “DRILL” is meant to be challenging and there should be a struggle to “FINISH.” So this phrase does not mean that everyone and everything will be perfect all of the time.  However it means that the constant pursuit while experiencing success, failure, and adversity is paramount. The struggle is what ultimately shapes and molds us into our final product. Player bonds are also forged through facing these adversities and the common pursuit to accomplish a goal. “FINISH THE DRILL” is not just about battling opposition for victories but finishing with relationships each player can have forever. Each individual effort produces the collective level of investment and performance. Playing at a high level or having a great relationship does not exist without facing struggles. The “DRILL” is just a simple analogy given for the greater picture. Ultimately our hope is to “FINISH” with planted seeds that sprout into life success beyond our program.

Personally, “FINISH THE DRILL” is a constant reminder to me of our “Pursuit of Purpose.” I have learned over time that God’s plan unfolds when I am consistently trusting him over myself.  Consistently living to honor and maximize the gifts in my life. I love Paul’s example, encouragement, and message in Timothy…”I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” We all need challenges, reminders, and encouragement in the struggle… How we handle success, failure, and adversity is paramount as well. We all need things to push us outside our comfort zone… We need to be at our best to impact the people in our direct influence…. We have a “Team” of people in our home, locker room, or workplace that need us in the struggle, to be consistent, and to give an inspiring effort…  And as silly as a silicone wristband may be, we need signs to remind us to be everything we were created to be….Everyday and throughout the journey….  “FINISH THE DRILL

“It means more than just in a drill doing your best… It means being the best at everything you do. Whether it’s your job, you are the best at your job! If it’s at home with your family, you are the best with your family! If it’s being a friend to your teammate, you are the best friend you can be!” 



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2 thoughts on “The Year of “Finish The Drill”

  1. Adam….great words of encouragement! I have found to “Finish the Drill” does help my life in a hectic world concentrate on what God’s purpose is for me. Great words to finish a blessed 2018….thanks buddy!


  2. Wow! How powerful “Finish the Drill” is.
    Many people begin at many things, but finish nothing well. Coach Mike Gottfried once said, “be an expert at something.”
    Be good at something. Well, being a good finisher is a great goal to maintain. The requires commitment to discipline , in the good and the bad times. Commit!
    Thank you Coach !


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