That Game Day “Feeling”

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.10.52 AMThat Feeling, when you first walked through a stadium tunnel. The sight of emerald green grass widens your eyes with excitement. The mere size of the stadium overwhelms you and the sound of the drums sets your heart in rhythm. Gladiator like figures roam the sideline in perfectly manicured uniforms. During warm ups, you are in awe of quarterbacks throwing beautiful spirals. Punters seem to boom footballs into the heavens before dropping back down to earth. You listen intently to every player announced in the starting lineups. The stadium program is studied more than any school book you took home that week. A coke and hotdog sits in your lap as the ultimate pre-game meal. The shaking of the stadium as your team walks out of the tunnel and then rushes the field… The chanting of the fans as the kickoff team is awaiting the ready for play whistle.. Eleven men approach the line together as toe meets leather… and everything you dreamed of takes place before your eyes…

Today is“Game Day”, I can’t wait for the build up of tonight’s excitement.

I Love Football, my days of playing football did not begin until middle school, however I fell in love with the game at seven years old. In 1985, I watched Tennessee vs Vanderbilt in Neyland Stadium and experienced that “Feeling” I wanted forever. The quarterback #11 Daryl Dickey, kicker #92 Carlos Reveiz, and wide receiver #88 Tim McGee quickly became my after school impersonations. These backyard moments ultimately grew into the vision and direction of my life’s work. Tonight as our team hits the field reminds me of why we are in this game. No matter your profession or calling you have experienced that “Feeling“. Your moment could be art, engineering, teaching, selling, armed services, fire fighting, police work, the court room or maybe the operating room. We have all experienced our own “Game Day” to some degree. Never forget that “Feeling” that set you on fire for life purpose.   I want to encourage you to understand that “Feeling” is specific to your calling, meant for joy in life, and there to compete for something greater.

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last…..—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” -John 15:16

That Feeling, when knowing you have been chosen for a specific purpose in life.  Contrary to what you might think, my playing career didn’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned. I attended five schools from 7th to 12th grade and suffered a terrible injury in college. I experienced constant challenges of adapting to new environments and faced many different disappointments. However, that “Feeling” never went away and could not imagine myself without the game. For several years my thoughts were to help players receive my perceived missed experience. Once committing to the Lord, I realized all my experiences had been shaping and equipping me all along for my life’s work. The “Why”, set me on fire to be the absolute best I could be in my profession. That “Feeling” points you in the right direction and when experiencing doubt gives you the courage to keeping taking steps. Your path is not an accident… be faithful, don’t give up, and stay true to what is in your heart. You have been specifically chosen for great impact and are being led to your appointment for tremendous influence.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” -John 15:11

That Feeling that joy exists in using your gifts in the pursuit of life’s work. God wants you to enjoy what he has you doing, your purpose, and what he puts on your heart. Football gave me joy during those times growing up and a connection I greatly needed. Football gave me a way of life from the locker room, to training, the daily camaraderie, pride in the hallway, and to be a part of something greater than self. The best players, teammates, and coaches in my career find joy in the lifestyle of football. Their everyday mental status is not conditional on playing time, responsibilities, or their current state of emotion. I understand that my love for coaching football will not be defined by times when the profession is not enjoyable. The great employees love the lifestyle of their given profession more than the ups and downs of results. Many people are constantly changing and searching for the next thing that may temporarily meet their personal needs. When you get that “Feeling” regardless of activity or profession, you are at home with the way of life. Enjoy everyday and don’t let any obstacle take away that “Feeling” inside of you.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” – 1 Corinthians 9:24

That Feeling, when competing to win for something much greater than yourself. There is nothing like competing on a team for a common goal. Your purpose is meant to be successful and shared with others for influence. Our program constantly emphasizes playing for greater than self and “Demanding Excellence” in everything. Players that exhibit inconsistent behaviors off the field will eventually show flaws in team performance . Consistent top performers are just displaying an extension of seeking excellence off the field. Racing to win daily is ultimately fueled by a hope and purpose of something greater. It is a proven fact that performance for self-gratification is short lived while competing for others is long lasting. When that “Feeling” exists, you have a fire to compete at your highest level. I firmly believe that my passion to play football early was to lead me to help and coach people later in life. That gift you have is not just meant for you but to unwrap the potential in others. That “Feeling” is meant to compete for a bigger purpose, to compete for each other, and to always “Run To Get The Prize!”

Never Forget that “Feeling”.. Rekindle And Remind If Necessary

Our Game Gives A Passion Of A Lifetime

Our Gifts Give A Purpose Of A Lifetime

Tonights The Night, Time To Go To Work!

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3 thoughts on “That Game Day “Feeling”

  1. This s an awesome description and illustration of life and vision. What a verbal display of a calling of commitment to live a life of excellence. This blog sets me on fire for the game time!
    Let the trumpet sound that has no retreat!!!


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