That Game Day “Feeling”

That Feeling, when you first walked through a stadium tunnel. The sight of emerald green grass widens your eyes with excitement. The mere size of the stadium overwhelms you and the sound of the drums sets your heart in rhythm. Gladiator like figures roam the sideline in perfectly manicured uniforms. During warm ups, you are … Continue reading That Game Day “Feeling”

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now, we are in fall camp, and less than 3 weeks until the first game. The time when you develop an immunity to constant heat, the aroma of cut grass heightens awareness, constant sweat is the norm, 3 pair of shoes are under the desk, grass in the hallway is always present, … Continue reading The Time Is Now

Picture Day

Picture day.... the day in the preseason that breaks up the routine of developing for the start of football season. I am like most coaches worrying that this day will bring lack of focus and unstructured time when building discipline is at the forefront. The process of getting so many new faces dressed, teaching them … Continue reading Picture Day