3 C’s of Inspiring Stories

We all love an inspiring speaker or movie… I love the dull knot in my stomach when challenged, the painful lump in my throat, the tear down my cheek, and the rush of adrenaline. But Once all the “Emotional Dust” settles in all great impactful stories there are 3 C’s always present:

1) Circumstance of Adversity

2) Connection of a Key Influence

3) Choice of Action

Each of us is like a beautifully cut “Puzzle Piece” that has been shaped by our adversities and circumstances. I am a firm believer that nothing is by accident and we are being constantly molded for our “Great Purpose”. Whether your piece fits in the big picture now or later, know that it does have a place. We are built for Relationships (No One has their Own Planet). When surrounded with people of purpose they can not only accelerate our lives but bring true joy and peace in our own skin. These people tend to show up when life struggle is present and a step in the right direction is needed.

At some point #3 (Choice) has become a reality for successful people and if you want this long term, then #3 occurs throughout the entire journey (Daily). We all have the power of choice just like we all have adversities to overcome. Over our careers with players dealing with challenges, we hope that the seeds planted will sprout into great life choices. We hope the “Lessons of Adversity & Choice” from the game of Football will lead to better husbands, fathers, and employees. Consistency of being intentional toward obedience and purpose are key on each of our paths. Great influences help keep the “Main Thing the Main Thing”, helping you see your story as value and a tool to impact your “Circle of Influence.”

Your Challenge This Week:

Who In Your Organization Needs Your Influence?

How Can Your Story Influence A Choice of Action?

You Know Who You Are Thinking Of……

Start This Week On A Mission, Your Story Has A Bigger Purpose Than You.

That Someone Is Already Waiting…

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