Lessons from “In-N-Out Burger”

IMG_6638Love this picture taken from the “In-N-Out Burger” right on the UCLA campus.  Our staff visited UCLA this Spring and needed a quick bite in between morning practice and our next meeting. When I first met my wife, she lived in California, I loved eating here when visiting her family. I couldn’t recall the menu but could definitely remember the great taste. I had not been to California in years but wanted to make sure our guys had the experience. I walked up to the register and looked up at the menu to order. The first thought was “This is the most popular fast food in Cali and these are the only choices?? Well you could guess what the coaches ordered, Double-Doubles for everyone and they absolutely dominated! While contemplating an after meal milkshake, I also thought, “What a perfect example that you don’t need a huge tool box to be a Major Success at Any Level.” This ideal applies to each of us as Players, Coaches, Professional Leaders, or as “People of Impact“. 

“I don’t fear the man who knows a thousand kicks, I fear the man who has done one kick a thousand times.” – Bruce Lee

As a Player, you don’t need a hundred techniques to play a position but a few that you can master. A defensive end doesn’t need 5 pass rush moves and a Wide Receiver doesn’t  need 7 different man releases. Nor do you need all the player skill sets to bring “Team Value.” You could be a special teams player, lead blocker, or just One Great Teammate. Be Who You Are & Uncommon At What You Do

As a Coach, you don’t need a monster playbook on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.  Plan for a few concepts that match team skills but be a master of fundamentals, discipline, and effort. Keep it simple, players with confidence and good habits play faster. Be Who You Are & Uncommon At What You Do

As a Professional Leader, you do not always need more products, teaching strategies, or programs to be successful. We can succumb to the pressure of showing versatility while abandoning our most successful skill set. More is not always better, be strategic when adding new items to your operation. Make sure to bring more Value than Burden… Be Who You Are & Uncommon At What You Do

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

As a Person of Impact, you can often feel not worthy or not the one that can make a difference. You will question the ability to help someone, have the right job skills, what others think, or is my idea good enough. Social Media can tell you to have a certain status or amount of likes to be approved as a difference maker. Our world can easily give a devalued position of your perceived influence. This mindset is the farthest from the truth. Each of you has been given a special gift and only you can unwrap its impact. You could have the skill to serve others, be a great leader, an influential teacher, hands that build, hands that heal, or the next great invention idea. Time to step outside your comfort zone, shoot for your dreams,  and make a difference for other people. Time to be a Doer…. Time to Let Your Light Shine! 

“Be The Best You, Because You Is Good Enough”


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