“Train the Brain”

Coach Ronnie McClurg, my mentor, would say often, “Train The Brain Men!!” He always illustrated mental toughness and how powerful your thoughts were daily. The saying,"Your body can withstand anything, it is your mind you have to convince", could have never been more true.  Coach was a firm believer that one could extend their capacity for greatness … Continue reading “Train the Brain”

Water Bottles

I have four children that have different interests from dance, basketball, running, football, horseback riding, soccer, to theatre. I am very thankful to have a diverse family and get to watch them enjoy all of their activities. My son had decided to play football last year for his middle school team. This simple picture defines … Continue reading Water Bottles

The Mirror Test

Remember The Titans..What a Classic Movie With So Many Great Lines: “Split Veer, Like Novacaine, Give It Time Always Works” “Jump On That Ball Like A Starving Man On A Christmas Hen” “If We Don't Come Together, Right Here..., We Too Will Be Destroyed” “What Is Fatigue?? Army Clothes!!” “Water Is For Washing Blood Off That … Continue reading The Mirror Test

3 C’s of Inspiring Stories

We all love an inspiring speaker or movie... I love the dull knot in my stomach when challenged, the painful lump in my throat, the tear down my cheek, and the rush of adrenaline. But Once all the “Emotional Dust” settles in all great impactful stories there are 3 C’s always present: 1) Circumstance of … Continue reading 3 C’s of Inspiring Stories

Lessons from “In-N-Out Burger”

Love this picture taken from the "In-N-Out Burger" right on the UCLA campus.  Our staff visited UCLA this Spring and needed a quick bite in between morning practice and our next meeting. When I first met my wife, she lived in California, I loved eating here when visiting her family. I couldn't recall the menu … Continue reading Lessons from “In-N-Out Burger”

Field of Dreams

"Is this Heaven"- John Kinsella "It's Iowa"- Ray Kinsella "I could have sworn this was Heaven"- John Kinsella..... From the Movie "Field of Dreams" Obviously this picture is not from Iowa but is so poetic in the love for coaching this game. A good friend of mine says only you know the feeling when living … Continue reading Field of Dreams

The Importance of “Castles”

I apologize in advance for this being  lengthier than previous posts. 17 years ago, I read the book "Winning Everyday" by Lou Holtz. Lou discussed the importance of setting goals early and stated that his original list had 107 goals. He also stated he had accomplished 99 items to date. So I decided to do … Continue reading The Importance of “Castles”