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A few years ago our staff visited the University of Michigan, in the “Big House” locker room hangs the above left picture. Tom Brady is often mentioned as the “Greatest Of All Time” at the Quarterback position.  My question has been, “How can you label anyone the Greatest Player when the Game requires 11 Men for Individual Success?” As you walk out of the locker room, Tom’s message not only clears up the argument but could fire you up in the coldest weather. If you are measuring Team Performance in Championships, Consistency, and Crucial Moments then it is fair to say no one has had a Greater Impact.

The TEAM….Amazing how the Greatest are driven by a Standard, Vision, or Hope Greater Than Self. If your only drive is self-gratification, then you will eventually run out of motivation and fail. I love being a part of a TEAM and the thought of everyday sole dependency sounds like absolute misery. No matter what perceptual mask we wear, there is an internal need for relationships, faith, and hope. It is a proven fact that sustained quality performance is found in purpose outside of personal needs. We all have a hope or vision of something greater and better lying ahead in our lives. Why do we work so hard for a degree? Why do we invest so much in our families? Why do we spend extra hours at the office? We have hope that our degree will provide our dream job, We have  a vision of a better life for loved ones, or We want to finally get that promotion. The power of TEAM in relationship business is ultimately driven by a greater common goal forging common people together.

The TEAM, “Every Player in this room is counting on you….” Uncommon Performance occurs when there is no option of failing your teammates. Greater Purpose develops from collective responsibility to a standard of excellence. Competing for something greater in a team or workplace means performing and sacrificing for all involved. Football like Business, is an exposure game nullifying all social status when suited up, the score counts, and “Under the Lights.” A great TEAM has leadership but operates collectively beside each other and NEVER “Beneath” each other. A great TEAM  recognizes the value of self worth and will bend down to pick up those in need. The TEAM needs every man knowing “Every Player thats ever worn this helmet is counting on you…..”

The TEAM mindset exemplifies Tom’s statement of “You Are the Ones that are Lucky.” Some Individuals can think the group is Lucky to have THEM (above others or self-serving). These people want personal favor in circumstances, needs, or people to serve others. We often refer to these people as “Front Runners”. Influential Leaders & Great Players have an “Attitude of Gratitude.” They say, ” I am so thankful for this opportunity and I am going to prove them right everyday (servant minded)!” Servants will maximize opportunity regardless of any given circumstances. Circumstances are just an obstacle when your Family, Team, or Co-Workers are counting on you. Greater than Self Players and Leaders raise levels of performance with those and for those they influence.

Tom Brady is not just a great player but creates a cohesive effort of all around him. Football is a TEAM game just like one’s office, platoon, bible study, or any group with purpose. If you want to be the G.O.A.T. then have this plan.

Everyday I Will:

Compete toGain Others Attention Today

Seek to be theGreatest Of All Teammates

Collectively ObtainGenuine Ownership Among Teammates

Accomplish theGreatest Of Achievements Together

“The Greatest among you will be your Servant.” -Matthew 23:11

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