“Inspiration” the Greatest Form of Flattery

In conversation with my daughter one day, I made the comment that “Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery.” She quickly corrected me and said, “Dad, I disagree, I believe it should be “Inspiration.”  I just looked at her with a great smile and in awe of her insight. The measure of Leadership is determined by others feeling greater value from an influence that drives inspired high level performance. Their self-vision creates a lifestyle change for “Habits of Excellence“. We are all going to do and invest in our overall greatest “Belief.” Leaders give people a hope & faith in something greater than themselves. A person’s greatest daily effort will match one’s top priorities. On the other hand, people that just imitate actions will also imitate the next person of influence. Whether positively or negatively, these people change priorities and allegiances fairly routinely. I hope and pray that I am giving an example to my children that will create or inspire a “Cycle of Excellence” lasting for generations past my time on Earth. Programs come alive when players or co-workers not only “Imitate Your Ideals & Expectations”, but are “Inspired to Live Your Ideals & Expectations.”  True lasting and exponential growth happens when those you serve provide a “Cycle of Excellence” for others.

Everybody In Your Program Is Important. Make Sure Every Seed Is Planted In Your Fertile Soil Of Influence. Your Harvest Can And Will Reap For Years To Come.


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