Joy from “Boys to Men”

As coaches, we are blessed to spend a small “Window of Time” with our Players. I know that sometimes it is hard to know if seeds you plant will ever take root. Wise Advice once told me that “Your Impact May Not Be Witnessed Until Years Later”. No matter your Level of Influence, your sport … Continue reading Joy from “Boys to Men”


A few years ago our staff visited the University of Michigan, in the "Big House" locker room hangs the above left picture. Tom Brady is often mentioned as the "Greatest Of All Time" at the Quarterback position.  My question has been, "How can you label anyone the Greatest Player when the Game requires 11 Men for Individual Success?" … Continue reading BE THE G.O.A.T.

4 Languages of Successful Teams

Over my career I have been a part of 4 Football Programs & each has presented different challenges & resources available for success. However, no matter the differences, the internal needs for successful players have been the same. I have found these ingredients to be true for coaches, co-workers, & anyone in a "Relationship Business." … Continue reading 4 Languages of Successful Teams

“Inspiration” the Greatest Form of Flattery

In conversation with my daughter one day, I made the comment that "Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery." She quickly corrected me and said, "Dad, I disagree, I believe it should be "Inspiration."  I just looked at her with a great smile and in awe of her insight. The measure of Leadership is determined … Continue reading “Inspiration” the Greatest Form of Flattery

We Are Built For Impact

Thank you for being apart of this site! "Lessons From The Goalpost" is directed toward leaders of schools, athletic fields, or in the business world. All information will be geared toward Building Relationships, Maximizing Individual/Team Performance , and Total Culture Development. My hope is that this site will bring you personal encouragement and value in … Continue reading We Are Built For Impact